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Billy Gonyou reviewed Michael Pam's Black Belt Champions
via Facebook

Found this place through Groupon, and was very eager to begin Cardio Kickboxing classes. I'll admit, I was incredibly nervous, and was fearful of being judged by fellow classmates, and even the instructors. Within minutes of walking in with four of my friends. I knew I had no reason to worry whatsoever.

Registering was incredibly easy, and once the class started, we were sweating bullets almost immediately. There was an INTENSE 20-30 minutes of cardio workouts, including Burpees, Mountain Climbers, Jogging, Supermans, etc.

The instructors were very clear that if we needed to take a break, we were more than welcome to. As this was my first time and I'm nowhere near in shape, I had to take several breaks. Never once did I feel that I was being judged for sitting something out. They were incredibly kind, and made us feel great.

Once the kickboxing started, we were in love. We knew we were getting the workout that our bodies needed, and we could feel the full support of the instructors.

It was an incredible experience, and I am very much looking forward to going back!

Vincent Verzino reviewed Michael Pam's Black Belt Champions
via Facebook

Excellent place full of great staff and a great owner, all of which are very helpful and easily approachable! Amazing workout and training regimen that has helped transform me mentally and physically. The classes are a lot of fun and always varied keeping you motivated. Also, you're always learning new stuff and building on what you have learned. You're absolutely never bored with all the curriculum and self defense techniques they show you. One of the best things I did for my body and mind was join this school.

Kerri Thomas reviewed Michael Pam's Black Belt Champions
via Facebook

We have been going to MPBBC for over three years. This is the most amazing place with the best people. They really get to know the children and know what they need individually. I would give this place 10 stars if I could.

Sunny Sitler reviewed Michael Pam's Black Belt Champions
via Facebook

Since last belt promotion I have noticed changes in my daughter. She was always a good girl but on the shy side. The more comfortable she got the more outgoing she became. I see the way she carries herself now. I've noticed in her that she is outgoing right from the start when meeting new people. She carries herself with more self confidence. She has so much more drive and determination. Her focus and concentration have improved a lot. Her school work is much better. I'd like to take this opportunity to personally thank you and your amazing staff for all the hard work and effort that they put into the children. She remembers what is taught in class and applies certain things in her schoolwork as well. I'm happy to say that the changes in my daughter are very positive. I humbly thank you.

Lisa D Jones reviewed Michael Pam's Black Belt Champions
via Facebook

Michael Pams is an amazing business. They are family oriented and extremely friendly. I would highly recommend taking their classes.

Ally Maria reviewed Michael Pam's Black Belt Champions
via Facebook

I went to MPBBC as a child and made it all the way up to black belt, and I have to say it definitely changed my life. My mom had me try it because she wanted me to be able to defend myself and get exercise, but little did she know that it would change my personality too! I was a very shy child who kept to myself until I started going to MPBBC. But the instructors pushed me to new limits, taught discipline, respect, honesty, and safety. To this day, my reflexes are amazing because of my training at MPBBC, and I have been out of practice for many many years! If people ever ask me about their children and what sport they should do, I'd 100% say to take them to MPBBC, it changed my life and it will change theirs. Coming from someone who was forced into it as a child, almost quit but was pushed to continue and make it to black belt, I can say it's worth it and will make your child a strong, confident and disciplined person now and in their life.

Jennifer Mitchell reviewed Michael Pam's Black Belt Champions
via Facebook

My son has been going Michael Pam's for just over a year. I started him with hopes of building his self esteem and get him active. The school definitely exceeded my expectations. The staff here really invests in each child and helps build confidence while teaching them the skills they need. He is more confident and has learned how to work towards goals and be proud of all his accomplishments! My daughter is enrolled also. She is more motivated and excited to work towards her goals as well! The whole staff is professional and always willing to answer any questions. I highly recommend.

Tiffany Mogavero Ventura reviewed Michael Pam's Black Belt Champions
via Facebook

My son has been going to to Micheal Pam's Blackbelt Champions for a year now and I have noticed a difference in his skills in listening, paying attention, confidence, and learning. He absolutely loves this school as we do also. He loves the feeling of accomplishment when receiving his tapes for his belt, when he receives a new belt on belt promotion day, and the stars for 100% attendance. The staff is excellent with the kids and will work one on one with them to help them shape up their skills. My son even practices his moves at home. I highly recommend Michael Pam's BlackBelt Champions for anyone who is interested in signing up their kids.

Brian J Seetge reviewed Michael Pam's Black Belt Champions
via Facebook

Great place for family's to learn self defense. Staff is caring and they are very service orientated... Awesome facility that is clean and up to date... I would recommend this school to anyone interested in learning top level martial arts..

Sybil Simmone Kmiec reviewed Michael Pam's Black Belt Champions
via Facebook

Best decision we ever made was sending our 11 year old son to Michael Pam's...what a change we have seen in our son in such a short time physically...socially...his drive to want to succeed...he gets so excited for his belt testings for promotions to see what's in store for him as he advances...the teachers are all great...lots of patience...he loves it...and were happy for him...they also have seminars for bully prevention which is also great...and events for the kids...were very satisfied...were looking forward to watching him grow into a strong...confident... disciplined young man...highly recommended...

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